Python package

You can install Kolibri as a standard package from PyPi (works on Mac, Windows, and Linux) using this command:

  1. Install for your current user.

    pip install --user kolibri
  2. Install system-wide (for all users).

    sudo pip install kolibri

After Kolibri has been installed from PyPi, a new kolibri command should be available in your Terminal application.

Python EXecutable

On MacOS and Linux, follow these steps to run Kolibri with the PEX package.

  1. Download the PEX installer for Kolibri version 0.15.

  2. Make sure to open the Terminal where you downloaded the PEX file. For example, if you saved it in the Downloads folder, type this when you open the Terminal, and press Enter:

    cd Downloads
  3. Type the following commands next (press Enter after each one).

    chmod +x kolibri-installer-filename.pex
    ./kolibri-installer-filename.pex start


    Make sure to substitute the kolibri-installer-filename.pex with the exact name of the file you downloaded in both commands. For example, if the name of the downloaded file is kolibri-v0.14.0.pex, type that instead of kolibri-installer-filename.pex.

  4. When the command finishes, open the default browser at and proceed with the Initial setup of your facility.


Remember that PEX package allows you to run Kolibri on your system only while the process is active in the Terminal window. If that process is stopped (by either pressing Ctrl + C, closing the Terminal, or restarting your system), you will need to repeat the above steps to start Kolibri again. User accounts, classes and groups you create, as well as the channels you download, will be available every time you restart Kolibri.

Uninstall PEX

  1. Delete the PEX file.
  2. Delete the ~/.kolibri folder in your user’s Home directory if you want to completely remove all the Kolibri files and channels you imported.

Upgrade PEX

To upgrade Kolibri, follow these steps.

  1. Download the new version of Kolibri PEX installer.
  2. Start Kolibri as during the first install.
  3. Go explore the new and improved Kolibri features!