Starting Kolibri on Linux will differ depending on the method you used to install it.

  • If you used the PEX package, Kolibri will be accessible as long as the process is running in the Terminal. If you stop the process, close the Terminal window, or restart your system, you will need to run the PEX again to restart Kolibri.

  • If you installed Kolibri as a system service with the DEB installer, it will run automatically on each system restart, and you do not need to start it manually. Proceed to step 2 below.

  • If you installed Kolibri through the PPA, or generic installation with pip install command, follow these steps.

    1. Run this command in Terminal to start Kolibri:

    kolibri start
    1. Open the default browser at, and it will display the Kolibri start page.


    Remember to configure other computers in the network to access Kolibri.

    1. Run this command in Terminal to stop Kolibri:

    kolibri stop