Open the Quizzes sub-tab from the main Reports view to access the progress reports on resources included in each quiz.

Captions for the video are available in English, French, Swahili, Arabic, Hindi, Marathi and Brazilian Portuguese.

  • Progress column presents the summary of learners that started and completed each quiz.

  • The Status column indicates whether the quiz is opened for learners (whether they can still answer the questions), or whether the quiz has ended. It also indicates whether the quiz is still visible to learners in the Learn > Classes view.

  1. You can start and end the quiz from here, the same as in the Plan > Quizzes subtab. Use the START QUIZ to open it for learners, or the END QUIZ when you decide that the learners have had enough time to access the quiz and answer the questions.

  2. Click on the quiz title to view its list of resources.

  3. In the selected quiz Report sub-tab, you can see the list of learners, with columns for the progress and obtained score.

  4. Open the Difficult questions sub-tab to view the list of questions learners gave incorrect answers to, and gain insight of how many need help with the concept.

  5. Click a difficult question in the list to review each of the incorrect answers and attempts.

  6. When you click a name of a single learner, you can see the full report for each answer. This can help you understand which questions learners had difficulties answering correctly, and how many attempts they used.

    • green check mark icon indicates the correct answer

    • red X mark icon indicates the incorrect answer

    • gray X mark icon indicates an unanswered question

  7. Click on the attempt icons to see the answers for each one. In the screenshot above learner Abby L. had 3 attempts on Question 8: the first one was incorrect, the second one (selected) was correct, but the third and finally submitted one was incorrect.


    Review Exercise Progress

    When a learner completes the questions of an exercises, the progress bar below the exercise will show the most recent and correct answers. In order for the exercise to be considered completed, the learner must complete the required number of correct answers (check marks) in the row.

    If the exercise requires 5 correct check marks, learner must provide 5 correct answers one after another. Marks for each answer are located behind the button Check

    The correct answers (green check marks) in the image above are not in a row; this exercise will be completed only after the learner gives 5 correct answers one after another.

  8. Click the OPTIONS button and select Preview or Edit details option if you want to view or edit the quiz details directly from its report. Editing the quiz details from here will have the same results as from the Plan tab.

  9. Use the (print) and (download) buttons to print the quiz report on paper, save it in a PDF format, or export as a CSV file.


    The columns Progress and Recipients in the Reports > Quizzes sub-tab display a summary, but when you export the report as a CSV file and open it in a spreadsheet application, you will see separate columns for each progress status, compared to the summary representation in Kolibri. Recipients (1) column indicates if the quiz was assigned to the entire class or to group(s), in which case they will be listed in the Recipients (2) column.

    Quizzes’ report exported as CSV and opened in a spreadsheet.

    For the rest of the reports the column headings will be the same in an exported CSV file as you can see them in Kolibri.