Open the Lessons sub-tab from the main Reports view to access the progress reports on resources included in each lesson.

Captions for the video are available in English, French, Swahili, Arabic, Hindi, Marathi and Brazilian Portuguese.

  • Progress column presents the summary of learners who started and completed the lessons, or need help with some of the included resources.

  • The switch in the Visible to learners column indicates whether the learners can access the lesson resources or not. You can change the lesson visiblity from here, as well as in the Plan > Lessons subtab.

  1. Click on the lesson title to view its list of resources.

  2. In the selected lesson Report sub-tab, you can see the clickable list of resources, with their own progress and the average time spent on.

  3. When you click to open the single resource, you can see the progress report for each learner ( started, completed or need help), and the time spent on it.

  4. If the resource is an exercise, you can access the Difficult questions sub-tab and review each attempt with incorrect answers.

  5. Open the Learners sub-tab to access the progress report per each learner.

  6. Click the OPTIONS button and select Edit details or Manage resources option if you want to edit the lesson directly from its report. Editing the lesson details from here will have the same results as from the Plan tab.

  7. Use the (print) and (download) buttons to print the lesson report on paper, save it in a PDF format, or export as a CSV file.


    The columns Progress and Recipients in the Reports > Lessons sub-tab display a summary, but when you export the report as a CSV file and open it in a spreadsheet application, you will see separate columns for each progress status, compared to the summary representation in Kolibri. Recipients (1) column indicates if the lesson was assigned to the entire class or to group(s), in which case they will be listed in the Recipients (2) column.

    Lesson’s report exported as CSV and opened in a spreadsheet.

    For the rest of the reports the column headings will be the same in an exported CSV file as you can see them in Kolibri.